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Elite Proxy

Looking for Elite Proxy? Being 100% anonymous on the internet is easier said than done. Anyone can be anonymous on the internet with a proxy, but here is where the problems start. The main reason for this is because there are many different kinds of proxy servers. Of all the proxy servers you can use, nothing compares to an elite proxy when it comes to protecting yourself on the internet.

A proxy acts as a middle man while you are web surfing and transfer info back to your computer. Your actual web surfing is done through or via the proxy server. So, the IP shown is the IP of the proxy and not your personal computer. If anyone checked your IP while you were surfing, all they can see is the IP of the proxy server and with an elite proxy they can't even tell you have changed your IP.

Nothing is better than an elite proxy because nothing offers the kind of anonymity, security and speed. While using an elite proxy not only are you 100% anonymous, but IPs coming from an elite proxy are cloaked and no-one can tell they are proxy IPs. No-one can detect you have changed your IP. There is no use in changing your IP if someone can tell you have done it.

For anyone who is serious about changing their IP and Elite Proxy, you can't get any better than an elite proxy. They offer the highest levels of anonymity, speed and IPs being completely cloaked is the reason why elite proxies are the best.

Why Every Elite Proxy User Should Use "Ping"

Want to make sure that you get the best elite proxy that you can? Many people worry about cost and performance or how many users there are when it comes to picking a proxy server, but one thing they don’t look at is the speed or connection between your home computer and the proxy. This is probably one of the biggest factors that affects how well your proxy performs, but it is definitely the most overlooked and unknown aspect of proxy servers today.

How can you check the connection speed between your home computer and elite proxies? It is really very simple. All you need to do is “ping” the proxy server. If you run a Windows based computer at home, you can do this by opening up a DOS/command prompt and use the command “ping” to check the latency between your computer and the proxy. Ideally you want a latency of around 200 to 250ms. Any higher than this and you should look for another proxy supplier.

So why is pinging your proxy important? It is important because speed is crucial to the reliability of a proxy server. How can you use a proxy if you can’t even surf the internet? That’s why it is vital that you should always ask any elite proxy supplier or service provider for a test IP. You would then “ping” this IP from your home computer to check how fast or slow the connection was. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. The kind of internet connection you have at home and the location (country) of the proxy server will have an impact on the connection your home computer has with it.

Elite Proxy With Multiple C Class IPs

Do you own or will you be setting up an Elite Proxy Server soon? If so make sure you get IPs from as many different C class IP ranges as possible. C class IP ranges aren't talked about much, but by not making sure you are using IPs on your proxy server from different C class IP ranges you are opening the door to be blocked by websites.

IPs are seperated into four ranges, A B C and D. By using ranges we are able to log network IDs and network activity. Everytime you connect to the internet you are given an IP which identifies you online. Most people know that by going offline and then back online you are able to change your IP, but most of the time the new IP your ISP gives you is still within the same range. This allows companies and other people to more easily identify your activities as even after changing your IP, it has not been changed to the extent that they are unable to make any connection between your old and new IP. It is more than possible that this is exactly what websites uses as part of their system to filter out spam. If you wish to remain anonymous to websites then C class IP ranges for your proxy server should help you to do so.

As mentioned above, websites could potentially be able to log and block your activity online if you are using IPs that are from within the same C class IP range despite posting from different accounts (as your new IP is similar to the last and may make it possible for your activity to be flagged or detected). This very same concept of using different C class IP ranges applies to proxy servers and is something you should pay great attention to. Typically, IPs that are assigned to proxy servers are normally within the same C class range, this is something you should try to avoid. If you wish to post a lot of ads on websites then remaining anonymous is very important, so be sure to get a Elite Proxy with IPs in different C class IP ranges.

When To Rent & When To Setup Your Own Elite Proxy

When it comes to a Elite Proxy, you can go about it two ways. These being renting or setting up your own. So when should you rent and when should you setup one? If you really need multiple IPs, you should probably consider creating your own server. How much is a lot of ads? If you need anymore than 5 IPs, would be considered heavy and you should look at your own server. Anything less than this should be fine and cost about the same if you rent from someone else. Renting IPs from other people is fine, but usually they come at a much higher price compared to setting up your own. If you need more than just a few IPs, look at investing into your own Elite Proxy instead of renting from someone else. You will save a lot of money in the long run.

Elite Proxy - Do You Really Need a Password?

Got a Elite Proxy and wondering if a username and password is really necessary?. Having to constantly enter usernames and passwords when changing IPs can be tiring but should not be neglected. Proxy servers are machines out in the open on the internet and therefore can potentially be accessed by anyone. Don't be fooled by thinking that just because there are so many other computers and IPs on the internet that the chances of finding your proxy server are zero. In this day and age there are a multitude of tools that can make IP scanning a very simple process and allow someone to scan thousands and thousands of IPs in a very short time. For this reason it is strongly suggested that you ALWAYS use a login and password on your proxy server. If someone else gains access to your proxy server then you can be held liable for any damages that they do through the use of it. If you want to save time, instead of not using a password, there are many other applications and programs out there that will automaticallys handle username and passwords for logging into your proxy. Use these instead as they will achieve what you want (speeding up the login process) but also alow you to retain the high level of security that your Elite Proxy requires.

What’s An Anonymous Proxy? Making Sense Of Anonymity And Proxy Servers

What’s an anonymous proxy? There are many kind of proxy servers, but the most sought after are so-called anonymous proxy servers. Most proxies are used by people because they allow you to bypass some kind of internet block. This could be caused by your school or work place.It may even be caused by a website blocking an IP from the country you live in. The basic purpose of a proxy is to remove this block and or change your IP. Doing this makes it appear as though you are a person living in another city and or country. But does this mean you are anonymous?

What makes a proxy server anonymous? The level of anonymity for proxy servers varies. There are three levels of anonymity. Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and even Level 4. These levels exist only because certain software uses them to classify the level of anonymity of a proxy. The most common levels are 1 through 3. What makes them different from each other? The level of anonymity is based on how anonymous the proxy is. Does the proxy server reveal your true IP? If so, then it isn’t anonymous and it will be classified as Level 3 or 4. Level 1 and 2 are reserved for proxies that are anonymous and achieve this by preventing a website from detecting your real IP.

If you want a proxy that is anonymous then be sure that you are using Level 1 or Level 2. If you rent your proxies then ask your supplier what level the proxies are. If you find your own then be sure to use the proper software to test and evaluate the proxies to find out their level of anonymity. To make things even more confusing there are actually different kinds of Level 1 anonymous proxies. I won’t go into this here but it depends on how exclusive the proxy is. If you are using a shared proxy, then it is still anonymous but not considered the best. The best proxies which are utterly exclusive and only used by one person are referred to as elite proxies.

Picking The Right Number Of IPs For Your Elite Proxy

Do you need just one elite proxy or should you go for multiple elite proxies?  The answer to this question depends on just what you need a proxy server for.  Some people use proxy servers to access websites that are blocked from their country, while others use the IPs to create accounts and do other things.  The best way to know just how many IPs you need on your elite proxy server is by first asking just what you plan to do with your proxy server.

If you are a casual user who just plans to browse websites and not do much else, then it would be safe to say that one IP is probably enough.  This is because there is really no need for you to use multiple IPs.  You are just doing casual web surfing and one IP is all you really need.  The majority of people who are looking for proxy servers fall into this category.  You may need an extra IP but only if you and a friend plan to use the same proxy server.

People who commonly need multiple IPs on their elite proxy are those who create accounts and plan to access multiple accounts at the same website.  It is vital that you use different IPs here because websites often track IP activity and if they see several accounts all originating from the same IP source then there will most likely be problems.  Just how many IPs you use will depend on how many accounts you need to create and how long you plan to use them for.  If the accounts are to be used for only one day, then perhaps one or two IPs would be enough.  But if you plan to use them for a long time then the more IPs the better.

There really is no easy answer to how many IPs you should have on your elite proxy.  However, most people who use elite proxies will find that having multiple IPs is vital if they plan on doing account creation or using multiple accounts at the same website.  If you are just a casual internet user then one IP on your proxy is probably all you need.

Anonymous, Exclusive or Elite Proxy

Anonymous proxy, exclusive proxy or elite proxy? If you need an anonymous proxy it can be difficult to find the right setup when there seems to be so many different kinds of proxies available. All of the three proxy servers just mentioned are anonymous, but are any of them more anonymous than each other? Picking the right anonymous proxy server depends on your budget and what you need to use it for.

If you are just looking to be anonymous and don't mind about how fast or slow the server is, then the best solution is to just go with whatever plain anonymous proxies you can find. This includes both free and paid. They will be shared or non-exclusive, so you can expect them to run a little slow to very slow. Paid shared anonymous proxy servers should be fairly decent speed wise, but you will be sharing them with other people. This means that you should expect at least a little delay or lag while using a shared proxy. Want to surf the internet at speeds comparable to using your own home computer directly without a proxy? The only way you can achieve this is with an exclusive or elite proxy.

Exclusive, or elite proxies, are the absolute best way to surf the internet and remain anonymous. They are exclusive, meaning that no-one else but you use them; however, you should be forewarned that they are not free. Prices vary but you can setup your own elite proxy for around $9 USD a month. Why use an elite proxy instead of a shared anonymous proxy? They are both anonymous, so what's the big deal? The big deal is that when you use an elite proxy you are the only person using it. This means that you don't have to worry about what other people are doing with the proxy server and you are not sharing the IPs with anyone else. Shared proxies suffer from both poor speed but also you never know what the other people you are sharing the proxy server with are using the IPs for.

Anonymous and exclusive or elite proxies are all anonymous. The main difference is speed and anonymity. Free shared anonymous proxies are good for anyone who isn't too concerned with speed, but you should use nothing less than an elite proxy if you want to surf the internet at super fast speeds and know that you are the only person using the proxy and not have to worry about what other people might be using the proxy server IPs for.

Elite Proxy List - How to Make Finding Proxy Lists Easier

Finding a working and reliable elite proxy list can be near impossible. If you have ever tried to finding these proxy lists then you probably already know that it can really turn into a big ordeal. If you do want to hunt for working proxies, what can you do to make it fast and easy? Well, there are two simple little tricks you can try. One is completely and utterly free and the second, while not free, will save you much more time which could be better spent on other things. The answer to whether or not you need to pay for proxy lists depends on your personal needs and situation.

High anonymous proxy server lists can be found for free but you need to spend a fair bit of time searching. You should always check the date of any list you find to see when it was posted. When were the proxies shared? What you will find is that many elite proxy lists were posted several days or even weeks ago. Lists like this are worth more trouble than anything else. Don't use an anonymous proxy list if you see that it is older than a day. Why? That is how fast a free proxy can die. Free lists are usually only good for one day. You'll waste too much time if you use lists that are older than this.

The next method of getting yourself elite proxy lists is to simply pay. Use your time more effectively by paying others to build proxy lists and you focus on business matters that actually make a difference. What is it going to set you back to get others to make these lists? Prices will vary differ and one thing which matters the most is how often and how many proxy servers you want on the lists. These lists are typically sorted by speed, country and level of anonymity. They are the absolutely best choice for anyone who wants working lists of proxy servers.

Building your own list of working proxies can prove to be a frustrating task. If you can't afford to pay for your proxy lists, then it would be in your best interest to use the tips above and avoid lists older than a day. However, if you have the money, I would strongly recommend you just pay someone else to hunt and build you lists of working proxies. Nothing beats paid proxy server lists due to the time you save and frustration you avoid.

High Anonymous Proxy - How to Find Anonymous Proxies

Want to know the best way to protect yourself and be anonymous on the web? If you do then you need a high anonymous proxy. There are many ways you can be anonymous online and some of the most popular methods involve using complex and expensive software. However, not even the best of this so-called anonymity software comes close to the power proxy servers offer for anyone wanting to be anonymous. The only way you can be anonymous is by changing your IP and this is what proxy servers make possible. Once people know they need a proxy server, they are usually faced by two common problems. The first, what's the fastest and easiest way to find these high anonymity proxy servers and how do you know if the proxy is actually anonymous or not? Read on to see how simple and easy it is to find all of this out.

How can you find proxy server lists? Most people simply search online and are bombarded with thousands of sites offering anonymous proxies. It looks good and fine until you try to use these proxies to surf the internet with. Very soon you'll discover how painfully slow they are, unreliable and probably how they offer no kind of anonymity at all. Free high anonymous proxy servers come with a catch. If you are lucky your free proxy will work for a day or two before it completely stops. What are you to do if you find yourself in this kind of situation? You may not want to but the best solution for finding reliable proxies to be anonymous with is to actually pay for them. I would personally recommend learning how to setup your own high anonymity proxy server. For anyone who wants to be anonymous online, you really need to pay to be sure you are safe.

How can you be sure that even if you setup your own anonymous proxy that it really offers you internet anonymity? This problem is easily fixed by just visiting any website that actually tests your IP, your proxy server and then reports on how anonymous you are. If your proxy server turns out to not offer you any kind of anonymity, then your IP of your home computer is visible to webmasters and websites all around the world. Obviously this means you aren't anonymous at all.

Getting a high anonymous proxy is easy if you set it up yourself. Most people wanting to be anonymous on the web end up trying to use free anonymous proxies, but this usually ends up being nothing more than a huge waste of time. The best thing you could do to be anonymous online is to setup your own high anonymous proxy.

Proxy Software - Tips to Finding the Best Program

Need to know which proxy software is right for you? It is easy to understand why some people feel overwhelmed by all solutions to be anonymous while you surf the web. This is because there are different programs that all promise to make you anonymous. With them all claiming to make you anonymous online, things are made even more confusing. It doesn't take long to see how many different software vendors there are out there once you start searchin. Do they even work? Should you try one program instead of another? The truth is that these proxy programs aren't all the same. There is one which is far superior than others. Most proxy software doesn't make you completely anonymous on the internet. They don't make you truly anonymous. There is only one proxy program which allows you to be completely anonymous on the internet.

What is the main concern with the software most people use? The main problem is that they don't make you completely anonymous. Most software hides your IP but makes it very obvious that you are trying to be anonymous. Obviously this means you aren't 100% anonymous if everyone can see what you are trying to do. Webmasters will see that your IP is strange and you will stand out from the crowd. This kind of anonymity is about the same as walking into a party with a plastic bag on your head. Can anyone be absolutely sure who you are? No, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see you are trying to hide yourself. The bulk of software falls into this category. They make you anonymous but they do so using very crude and basic techniques. Websitescan easily detect and frequently block proxy programs that function in this manner. don't despair because there is software out there that actually works.

The only proxy software that is 100% effective is one that needs to be configured on an external server. Expect to pay around $5 a month for this kind of hosting. Don't like the idea of having to spend money? The hosting is all you will have to pay for because the software won't cost you a dime. You won't have to pay for it and the only cost will be about $5 - $9 USD per month for the server. You really can't beat a deal like this if your internet anonymity is important. Using this software means no-one will be able to see you are using a proxy. The software makes it possible for you to appear as though you even come from a different country. With features like this there is no other proxy program available today that comes close.

So many different proxy programs makes it easy to see why people can feel confused. However, only one program will allow you to get your hands on a proxy server that offers complete internet anonymity. The good news is that this software is completely free. You just set it up on an external computer and you can be truly anonymous on the internet. Stop wasting your time with proxy programs that make it obvious that you are using a proxy server. Make the right choice and setup your own anonymous proxy today. 

Anonymous Proxy - How to be Anonymous on the Internet

An anonymous proxy is the only totally effective way to protect yourself online. If you've ever wanted to browse specific websites from work or school or were worried that websites were collecting private user data, then a proxy server is the best solution to internet anonymity. Many offices and schools now commonly block a wide number of websites. Myspace and facebook are usually always near the top of sites to block by school admins. Many schools view these websites as places where students waste time which could better be spent on studying, so they are usually blocked. If you find yourself in a situation like this or are looking for some kind of anonymous proxy software to change and hide your IP online with, then anonymous proxy servers are the best solution.

What makes proxy servers so powerful and effective? The only true way to be anonymous on the internet is by changing your IP. Websites can pinpoint your exact location based on your IP. The exact city and ISP you use to access the internet can be seen by examining someone's IP. Proxy servers basically change the IP you use to surf the internet with and this makes it possible for you to be anonymous because the IP people see is not the real one your home computer is using. They have no way of telling where you really are. This is how proxy servers make you anonymous online. An IP is like an address and changing this changes your identity. A proxy server can even give you an IP address from a completely different country.

Are there any proxies which are better than others? If you've been on the internet for a while then you probably already know about proxy server lists or even elite proxies. However, the only way to be sure you are using a reliable proxy is to setup your own. This is actually much easier than it sounds. While there are free proxy servers, what usually ends up happening is that the majority of them don't work. Having your own proxy server means that it is super fast and super reliable. This is very important when it comes to protecting your identity online. You don't even have to pay for proxy server software. The most effective software available today to set proxy servers up with is actually free. All you do have to pay is for proxy server hosting, which is around $9 USD a month.

Proxy servers offer a wide range of features and functions to use while on the internet. They allow you to get a new IP address, meaning that you are able to be 100% anonymous online. It will also make it possible for you to access websites which you normally couldn't. Some websites which are commonly blocked are social networking sites and having your own web proxy makes accessing these sites a synch. If you want the fastest and most secure way to change your IP and protect your identity online with, then you can't beat setting up your own elite proxy server for completely internet anonymity.

Proxy Server - Why Everyone Wants One

Proxy server, most people have heard this phrase at least once before. The reasons for this are very important. Proxy servers allow people to be anonymous on the internet. Why would anyone want to be anonymous? People usually want to be anonymous because they want to access blocked websites and stop identity theft. It may sound unusual but there are hundreds if not thousands of people looking every day for either a way to setup their own proxy server or free proxies that they can use. To understand why, let's have a closer look at the advantages of a proxy.

Many websites only allow users from specific countries to browse them. They do this for a number of reasons, but what really matters is how a proxy server makes it possible for you to get around this kind of block. A proxy server makes it possible to change your location to some where else in the world. Changing your locaiton is how a proxy makes it possible for anyone to unblock these kinds of websites and look as though they come from another country. Need to get an IP from America? Want an IP from New Zealand? This is all possible with a proxy server. With an IP from another location, then no website will be able to block your access. Everything looks normal and this allows you to access websites which may have previously been blocked to you.

The other reason people hunt for proxies is to be anonymous online. This has a lot to do with the first reason of websites blocking geographic location of users, but the crucial difference here is anonymity. Webmasters can track user activity based on IP and many people don't like this. Using a proxy means you can appear as though you are someone else from a completely different country. You can fool websites into believing you are actually someone completely different. Some people actually make it a rule to never use the same proxy twice, so as to be absolutely sure they are convering their tracks.

A proxy server is the only way to be anonymous online. You can find a wide number of websites offering free proxy lists for anonymous web surfing, but the reality is that most don't work and you need to setup your own. If you setup your own proxy server you know how fast and reliable it is. Your own proxy actually costs less than $10 USD per month. Are you worried about being anonymous on the internet? Then your own proxy server is what you need.

Web Proxy - Advantages and Disadvantages of Them

Most people think of a web proxy when they go looking for proxies to use. Th way a web proxy functions isn't really much different from other proxies but they still lack certain features and functions that you should know about. A web proxy should definitely not be used if you want to be anonymous online, but you will find that there are some situations where these proxies will work fine. The two biggest problems with them is that they don't give you true internet anonymity and they are limited in the kind of web content they can display. If being anonymous on the internet is important to you, then by all means go for an elite proxy instead of a web proxy. The reason for this lie in the limitations and restrictions web proxies suffer from.

Web proxies are great for just casual internet use. This generally means browsing websites like facebook or myspace from work or school. It is common for a web proxy to be called a facebook proxy because most people use them to browse facebook and similar sites with. What you call a web proxy isn't important, the thing to remember is that web proxies should be considered very crude proxy servers and you should only use them for general internet things. These proxies suffer from a lack of anonymity and they are also unable to display a wide variety of multimedia content on websites. Web proxies typically suffer from problems while loading video and usually have javascript disabled which means most websites just won't work. The kind of anonymity you get from them is also limited. Anyone can easily detect that you are using a proxy server and this means that you really aren't anonymous.

Elite proxies, unlike a web proxy, do actually give you 100% internet anonymity. It is absolutely impossible for anyone to see that you are using an elite proxy while surfing the internet. The other advantage is that they also allow you to view and play all kinds of web content. Videos work as they normally should, javascript functions perfectly and all the kinds of website features and functions you have grown accustomed to will work fine with an elite proxy. Using this kind of proxy server to surf the internet with is no different than using your own home computer.

If you are deciding between a web proxy or an elite proxy, then you should only choose a web proxy if you plan to do casual internet surfing. I would limit the kind of things I do with a web proxy to things that aren't important or private. For anyone who wants to login to sites, watch videos online and chat with their friends, nothing beats the kind of anonymity, security and speed of an elite proxy server. There are a wide number of websites around offering proxy server lists or if you want you can choose to setup your own proxy server for absolute peace of mind.

Elite Proxy Server - Everything You Could Ever Need to Know

An elite proxy server is the absolute best way that anyone can be anonymous on the internet. These proxies are the most secure and most anonymous proxy that you will ever be able to find. You may already know that there are a lot of different kinds of proxies out there, but the truth is that they all suffer from either a lack of anonymity or they perform very poorly. Some proxy servers go slower than the old dial-up modems that you may remember using years ago. These are just two of the many reasons why you should avoid using free proxy lists or trying to find sites that have free anonymous proxies. I strongly recommend that you use nothing less than an elite proxy and actually setup your own proxy so you can be sure it works as it should. Setting up your own proxy is actually very simple and straight forward.

Elite proxies stand out from the crowd due to their extremely high level of anonymity they give you. There are different levels of anonymity on the internet. The first is that of no anonymity at all. The next kind is that of being anonymous but it is easy to detect that you are trying to change your identity. The third level is that of complete anonymity. Elite proxies are the only kind of proxy server that deliver complete anonymity. Many other proxies make you anonymous but they also make it obvious that you are trying to hide your real identity. How is it possible to be anonymous online? By simply changing your IP. Only elite proxies can give you IPs which look like other normal computer IPs. This means websites have no way of knowing that you are using a proxy server. Lesser proxies give you IPs which are known as proxy IPs and they are usually banned by many websites. This is why they can't make you completely anonymous.

The other reason elite proxies are the best is because of how reliable they are. Many people spend hours every day looking for free proxy lists but never actually find one that works properly. Free proxies are usually very slow or they just don't work. This is because they are free. Too many people try to use them at the same time and they end up crashing frequently or just not working. Setting up and password protecting your own proxy server is the best method of making sure you get a proxy server that is fast and reliable. Share it with your friends or faimly or just keep it to yourself. Only by setting up your own proxy server can you be sure that you really are 100% anonymous on the internet.

Internet anonymity is easy with your own elite proxy server. Getting and setting up one yourself is simple. This is the best way to make sure you are 100% anonymous on the internet and no-one will have any idea that you are using a proxy. Proxy servers that are free sound great but they are just a waste of time. It is not uncommon for many people to spend more time looking for than actually using free proxies. The best thing to do if you want to be anonymous online is to setup your own elite proxy server.

Elite Proxy Checker - Why You Should Check Proxy Lists

Finding lists of proxies isn't that hard, but finding proxies which work like they should is another story. The best thing that you can do if you want to use free proxy servers online is to use an elite proxy checker. Using a proxy checker automates checking and scanning proxy lists so you only use the working proxies. However, this brings up another question. What is the best proxy checker to use? Are paid proxy checkers better than free proxy checkers? By knowing which software to use, you'll make finding working proxy lists a much simpler thing to do.

Proxy checkers are an essential tool for anyone who uses proxy server lists on a regular basis. Why is this? You should be checking proxy servers because many free proxies you find are slow and sometimes not anonymous. Using a tool or program that tests proxies is the best way you can find out which servers are the fastest and most reliable. Things you should be concerned about when using proxies is the speed, level of anonymity and country the server is located in. There is nothing worse than a proxy server that is extremely slow. Proxies like this make doing anything online almost impossible. You should also be checking anonymity levels of proxies. Checking your proxy list makes it easy to see at a glance which servers are anonymous and which ones aren't. Most people use proxies to be anonymous and it is obviously important to know which of your proxies are anonymous so as to best protect yourself. You should also be concerned about the country a proxy server is situated in. Many people are after proxies from specific countries, and using software to scan and check the location of each proxy in a list is the fastest way to make sure you find out which proxies are from the country you need.

The truth is that while there are many paid elite proxy checker programs on the internet, you may be surprised to know that the best proxy checking software is actually free. Many websites provide online tools so you can scan your lists online without actually having to download any software. However, if you want to know which is the best software to download and use, then the absolute best to use is Charon. This software will allow you to test many different features of any proxy server list and is completely free. Check around online and you will discover that there are a large number of free programs to check proxies with. There really is no reason to pay for software to check proxy lists with.

There is no reason you should have to pay for elite proxy checker software. There are hundreds of websites that provide you with all the tools you'll ever need to check proxies with absolutely free of charge. Many companies also provide you with programs to check proxies with that you can download and use for free. Even though Charon is the number one program, there are many more similar programs you can try for free. Simply search online and you are bound to find a lot more programs which may offer you the kind of features and functions you are looking for.

Setting up a Torrent Proxy Server with your Elite Proxy

Think your elite proxy is limited to just web browsing? Well reconsider Another VERY handy thing that your proxy you setup using my guide can do is also function as a torrent proxy. How can you get your elite proxy server being employed as a torrent proxy? Well, this will depend on the version of torrent software you use, but below I will provide a screenshot of how you can do it using uTorrent:

Click on "Options" in the top menu bar, then click on "Preferences". When the Preferences window appears, you have to find the "Connection" section and then click it once to bring up the options. First, discover the "Type" drop down box and alter it to HTTP. Then in the "Proxy" field you enter the IP of your elite proxy. In the "Port" field one enters the port number of the proxy you just setup. Make sure you look into the "Authentication" box and then enter in your username and password within the respective fields. Be also sure to check all the other boxes so your setup looks likehas become setup as a torrent proxy. If youis often the same. So, all you need to do is locate a similar "connections" section in whatever torrent software you utilize so you can enter in the proxy server details.

Setup a Torrent Proxy with your personal Elite Proxy
Using your proxy server as a torrent proxy allows you to bypass any ISP restrictions and any monitoring or tracking that they may be doing. If you would like to create your own proxy server to use for whatever torrent software you utilize, then be sure to check out my guide. It provides a very details eBook with videos that demonstrate you step by step how to setup your own elite proxy server. While the guide is originally meant for people who want to use a proxy server for HTTP or website browsing, it works perfectly fine for anyone that was looking for a torrent proxy.

Being Anonymous with an Elite Proxy

If you think you are safe on the internet and can surf the web anonymously, then you definitelyany further from the truth. The web is a digital world, and I guess it is easy to understand why people think they are anonymous. No-one can see your face unless you want them to, and no-one knows your address, telephone number or even where you live. How possibly could you not be anonymous online? While you may not be showing others your individual information directly, what you are actually showing them is your digital information. Each time your computer logs online and visits a website you leave digital fingerprints. These fingerprints are unique to you and only you, to be able to track your activity and placement.

Why would anyone even wish to hide or be anonymous online?  Isn't doing something like this only for hackers or individuals who get up to things that they shouldn't be doing in the first place?  You might envisage a man chatting or emailing with a women while already being married. Perhaps you can think of children watching videos or viewing pictures online that theyhave access to. While there is no denying that individuals who want to be anonymous on the web CAN do some of the earlier mentioned things, there are actually some legitimate reasons why people want to be anonymous online.

It's quite common for workplaces or schools to trace internet activity. They do this for their own reasons, like productivity at work, but the simple fact is that you may be monitored at the officebut Iwhat I get upto on the internet, regardless of whether or not they're saying it to be in my needs. Some countries also monitor access to the internet for their entire country. Political views are kept in check and bloggers constantly harrassed when they happen to post anything that is considered inappropriate. You may even find that you happen to live overseas and your favorite website no more works when loading it from the new country you reside in. It is common for websites to block or filter out traffic, which, again, they are doing for a multitude of reasons.

Finding Fast Elite Proxy Servers the Easy Way


Finding fast proxy servers online can be challenging if you don't know what makes an elite proxy server fast to begin with. There is no point in using a proxy if it is so slow that downloading anything from the Internet feels like putting needles in your eyes. Here are some tips that you can use to make sure that you get the quickest and most responsive proxy server possible. It turn the nightmare of finding fast proxies into a thing of the past.

The first thing you can do when looking for an elite proxy would be to check which country it comes down from. Do you live outside of the USA and want an IP in the USA? Well, be sure you check the location, or city, from the IPs on the elite proxy and pick ones which are as close to the country you reside in as possible. Here's a good example. If you live in the UK, then I would make sure I picked IPs on my small proxy that were anywhere on the east coast of the USA. West coast IPs would work fine, but the west coast is further away from England than the east coast, so by picking IPs which are closer to your home country you're making sure you get the highest speed possible. The closer the elite proxies will be to your home country, the a shorter period that is required for the data to become transferred back and forth from the proxy. Obviously there may be times when it does not make a difference, but it is worth remembering next time you go proxy hunting.

Next you can do is check or ask the proxy provider for details of the speed of the network connection the elite proxy operates on. Proxies, just like your house computer, have a limited amount of bandwidth. It is best to ensure your proxy server is running inside a data center that uses a 100Mbit connection to your proxy. You will notice that both 10Mbit and 100Mbit configurations are possible, and while the 10Mbit will work fine, there's a considerable amount of speed distinction between the two. If 10Mbit is slow, why would people use it? Well, hosts usually provide you with a choice of 10Mbit with unlimited data downloads, or 100Mbit having a set monthly quota. Regardless of this, I would strongly recommend that you make sure your elite proxy operates on a 100Mbit connection. The issue is if you don't setup your own proxy, then it can be difficult to understand for sure, because hosts may just fudge the truth and let you know what they know you want to hear.